Before Your Session

I love newborn sessions and were my inspiration to begin my photography journey.  Photographing them brings me pure joy and is why I have chosen to shift my focus to them.  I have spent many hours learning and mentoring to perfect my sessions.  Here is a section to help you prepare for your NEWBORN session as well.


Preparing for your session.

Once you decide to book a session with me, we will set a tentative date based on your expected due date.  We all know that babies rarely come when predicted (mine were 28 weeks and 37 weeks), but I will accommodate their own plan for arrival.  While I don’t expect to be the first person to be contacted, it is greatly appreciated if you can get in touch with me within 24-48 hours and confirm the happy news and finalize our date and time.  Babies are best photographed within the first 14 days.

When we schedule your session, we will determine what type of session you are looking for.  Are you interested in a “posed” session (i.e. froggy, taco, props, etc)?  Are you interested in a “non-posed” session in which we will still pose your little one but into natural baby positions?  Do you want to keep it simply baby, or include parents and siblings, as well?  These questions will allow me to build the perfect session for you.

Siblings are welcome in my home. I have many Netflix shows to keep them entertained while they are not currently being photographed with baby brother or sister.

It is recommended that feedings are planned after arrival at the studio if possible.  I realize that babies often make their own schedules, but feeding baby immediately before session begins will allow them to sleep best during their session.  I will give you space and time to feed and sooth baby to sleep once you arrive.  Please also come prepared to feed the baby at least once more while in the studio (twice if we are dealing with twins).  Your baby may be on a schedule for feedings (mine were) but sometimes they still may get hungry prior to time and a full baby is a sleepy baby

Pacifiers are greatly recommended but not required.  Pacifiers are great to sooth baby in between poses and during some pose setups.    I realize that each mom has a personal preference and if you have chosen not to use one, please be prepared to help me by having your finger ready for your baby to suck on.

I photograph babies mostly in their birthday suits.  If you are not comfortable with these types of images, I have several custom outfits that will fit baby perfectly.  I do not like to use regular newborn clothes, as they are bulky and typically do not fit well.  We can use your baby’s personal outfits for a future session.

My studio is kept very warm during newborn sessions.  Typically around 78 degrees.  This helps babies regulate their body temperature while in their birthday suits, as well as, keep them sleepy.  Cold baby = cranky baby.  Please keep the temperature in mind when dressing yourself to come.  For parent and or family shots, I recommend neutral colors – white, beige, tan.  If Dad is comfortable, we will even do skin to skin shots

-What should you wear?  Wear something comfortable.  Keep in mind that I rarely if ever show anything below the waist in a portrait.  So you can wear shorts, jeans, or whatever else you choose.  Bring something to change into after I am done photographing you with baby that is nice and cool.  I keep my studio very warm at around 78 degrees.  It is all about the baby.  So think about keeping cool when you are choosing clothing.

-I provide all props – headbands, tiebacks, bonnets, etc.  You are welcome to bring items, but I do not guarantee that they will photograph well.  I generally stay away from the crocheted diaper covers, snails, bulky hats, etc.  If you have a personal item or family heirloom, I will do my best to include it.

-Lastly, if you should think of anything before you come please feel free to contact me.  I live and breathe by checking my email!  I will respond in a very timely manner.

During Your Session:

-Once you arrive I will give you some time in my studio to feed and sooth your baby.  Once he/she is happy and sleepy please let me know so I can join you.

-I will start my sessions with Mom, Dad and Siblings firsr if you choose to have those done. Children get antsy the longer they have to wait so it’s just best to do them first

– Next I will take some portraits of your baby on a beanbag.  I am looking for some great body shots and capturing some of baby’s bits and pieces like her hands and feet.  This is great for the froggy, taco, and bum-up poses.

-Once we have these  more important poses under our belt,  I will move on to photographing your newborn in the props that you have chosen if time and baby’s temperament allow.

-Let’s be honest, some babies are just fussy. Don’t feel bad.  I will gladly schedule a reshoot to ensure that you get the images you are paying for.